Kangaroo Island Food Specialists – Hannaford and Sachs

Our Story

More than 70 years ago, Rachel Hannaford’s grandparents built a shack in the sandhills at Snelling’s Beach on the secluded North Coast of Kangaroo Island.

Between this isolated rural paradise and their Adelaide home, this family of restaurateurs, chefs, party planners and entrepreneurs prospered, and so did the idea of eating and dining in unique and remote locations.

Rachel (chef and co-founder of Hannaford & Sachs) has incorporated her precious family legacy recipes into her menus and draws on her life-long experience of food cultures across the globe.

With a kitchen at Snelling’s Beach and an evolving distribution program between Adelaide and Kangaroo Island, Hannaford & Sachs is all about linking people to the produce, and revolutionising your dining experiences.

Our high-quality meals are influenced by an extensive variety of Asian and European styles.

Sasha Sachs has teamed up with Rachel Hannaford to streamline the distribution, sales, marketing and over the past two years has also become an accomplished dessert chef.

Sasha brings with her more than 30 years’ experience in the hospitality industry, which includes working in London, Jamaica, Budapest and various European cities setting up restaurants and running management development courses.